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Judy A Daus

Enjoying Internet Marketing and sharing what has been working for me.
Owner of: TAE... and
Viral Mailer: and I am a
partner in ListBuilder/VM:
Noel Evora

Personal Blog
Since April 2014, I’ve been an affiliate marketer, network marketer and blogger.

I'm passionate about lead generation, sales and marketing principles and strategies.

By trade, I'm a civil engineer and hydrologist. I also hold a Master of Applied Science in hydrology and a Ph.D. in stochastic hydrology.

I never thought that I would transition to another career path but I always had an entrepreneurial spirit that couldn't stay hidden all my life.

I was first involved in a network marketing organization in the financial industry in 2010, coaching my clients on the basics and concepts of personal finance and insurance of persons (life, disability, critical illness, etc.).

My goal is to be an example of possibilities and inspire people to take action and achieve their dreams of building a profitable online business.

Purpose, visions, and mindset are as important if not more than the technical aspect of the business.
Eddie Wilson

Personal Blog
I have been involved with internet marketing for
over twenty years. I like downline builders and
traffic builder sites. I am a founding member at several good advertising and income sites. I wish for you much success.
Stephen Crossland

Personal Blog
Hello from sunny England, I hope you will check out my links. Since retiring early, I have been building a residual income online. My number 1 tip is to take advantage of all the free advertising out there! Click my website link for lots of great free ad promo codes.
Eugene Uchuvatkin

Personal Blog
The Lucky One
Dawud Islam

I am the CEO of the Elite Tigers Group of websites which consists of,,,,, and now - I also run several physical businesses. I live in Dunfermline, Scotland and have a BA (Hons) in Politics from the Open University and I am about to start an MA in Creative Writing. I still work occasionally as a freelance journalist and broadcaster.
jeffrey siewert

I'm Jeff internet marketer for three years and counting. Work full time as steward supervisor in a major casino for over 18 years. Married, no children.
Carl Goodnight

Personal Blog
I specialize in helping the little guy, by offering occasional pifs and coops, where my coops promote for you and your downline.
John Worsham

Born Again Christian, 50 years a Bible study teacher, Husband, Father (5), Grandfather (16), Great Grandfather (30), retired Supermarket Owner, Retired CEO Wholesale Grocery Co, !2 years internet marketing, love hunting,fishing.
Leonard Palmer

My name is Len Palmer.

I was born and raised in New York City!

In my early years I transitioned to Fort Lauderdale and Miami in my mid 20's.

I have been marketing online FULL-TIME since Y2K.

Before online marketing, I was a Guitar Player, Songwriter and Record Producer.

(old school vinyl recordings)

One of my first professional productions was...

"Let's Stay In Love"

Written By:
Leonard Palmer & Brother David Palmer

For The Artist SANDEE' of the vocal trio Expose':

My brothers and I also produced early rap records before gangster rap. One of our rappers was Gigilo Tony.

"Smurf Rock"
By Rapper Gigilo Tony

Produced By The Palmer Brothers

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life because I always hated having to work a job. (It didn't feel natural to me in any way.)

I was a 6+ figure earner in my early years of online marketing and deceided to study metaphysics, the occult, spirituality & religion in 2008 just when the financial bottom fell out.

(I was curious why Gold was starting to go up so high. Thats when I fell in the rabbit hole.)

After many years of living on residuals, I decided to come back online and to my surprise online marketing totally changed.

So, here I am once again trying to make a mark for myself not just to make money online but to challenge myself to be the BEST I can be.

I just love online marketing and it's an honor to be amongst my fellow peers who feel the same way!!!

Great, Health, Wealth, Success, Prosperty and Abundance to you all.

Richard Daigle

Personal Blog
Hi Marketers!

So proud to be a Founding member of Dawud Islam's sites!

His newest one AdExchangeEmpire has brought back the mighty 2up system which is the most
powerful compensation plan on the planet.

I love to help mentor marketers on building their lists, making online income and learning the the proven methods of promoting.
Charles Admin eTrafficSurge


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